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The emotions of grief
What happens at a funeral?
What is a burial?
What is cremation? (cremation after funeral)
What is cremation? (funeral and cremation at crematorium)
What is a funeral?
What is death?
What is separation or divorce? (staying with Mummy)
What is separation or divorce? (staying with Daddy)
Worry sentences


Alive and dead symbols
All forms of grief and loss
Comfort cards
Emotions of loss and grief
Supporting bereaved children
Symbols to explain how somebody died

I have developed a ‘Bereavement & Loss’ resource pack in association with Widgit.

A set of resources designed for children, young people and their families to help them through the process of bereavement and loss including specific resources dealing with particular aspects of bereavement such as "What is a funeral" and a set of accompanying flashcards.